Staff Recruitment

Connecting organizations with top-quality candidates is VK Staffing Solutions’ business.

Why choose VK? We are Southern Ontario’s top performing recruitment company with an established network of best in class recruitment consultants in Canada and the US, offering recruitment services to a diverse range of clients in the commercial, defence and security industry and government sectors.

We recruit into many niche areas which include:

  • Administrative & Legal Support
  • Automotive & Manufacturing
  • Call Centre Solutions
  • Contracted Labour Support
  • Defence & Security Services
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Environmental Services
  • Executive Management
  • Government Services
  • Industrial Consulting Services
  • Waste Management

Corporate Training

VK Staffing Solutions offers a number of fee-based corporate training courses for your employees. We offer on-site training at your facilities. All our training programs are a tailored to meet the needs of your specific workforce. With over 80 years of experience delivering a wide range of employment-related services, we have a solid understanding of what your employees need to succeed in the workplace.  Contact us today to learn how VK’s Corporate Training programs can increased productivity and enhanced quality of work.

Professional Development

Professional Development service at offers employers support, advice and skills training to ensure employees are achieving their goals, no matter what stage of career they are at. Everything we do is about helping you to improve and grow your business. VK’s particular expertise relates to attracting top and emerging talent. We work with you to develop three connected phases of Professional Development activity:

ENGAGING: building a relationship with your future workforce, working with people to inform and inspire them about careers in your sector and your business.

TRAINING: attracting and training people when they first join your business.

PROGRESSING: retaining and helping your talented employees to progress in your business, realize their full potential and maximize their impact in making your business successful for tomorrow’s marketplace.

Payroll Services

At VK, we understand running payroll can be difficult, time consuming and complex – let us do it for you. We offer a tailored payroll outsourcing service which helps you stay compliant with the latest legislation.

With options for any size business, VK’s Payroll Services provides a comfort to employers seeking solutions to remove the pain of payroll, leaving you free to run your core business. We have taken away auto enrolment stress, stopped the need for expensive software updates and time-consuming legislation training. No one has to worry about taxable benefits, obligatory deductions or holiday pay.