Permanent Placement

VK Staffing Solutions prides itself on finding the best fit for employees and employers.  It is equally important  to both parties that we understand your requirements and fulfill to your satisfaction.  Building a strong relationship on both fronts is critical to everyone’s success.  Having industry knowledge helps us place the right people in the right positions. Read More.

Temporary and Contract Placement

At VK Staffing Solutions we also understand that companies needs change over time.  With a dynamic marketplace and business requirements changing quickly, it requires companies to become flexible and react quickly.

  • You may have an influx of new business that does not warrant full time staff;
  • Requirements may be seasonal.

All of these reasons are valid and are prudent business decisions to ensure you invest the time and energy into the right individual.  If this is your options, we provide full service payroll to help you service these options. Read More.

Supporting Our Veterans

VK Staffing Solutions is committed to working with Canadian Veterans. We believe that today’s employers can learn valuable leadership lessons by employing Veterans. Canada’s brave men and women who are highly trained and skilled individuals and who have worked in exceptional circumstances and under trying conditions provide employers with unique abilities as force multipliers in their business. Read More.

Helping Athletes

VK Staff Solution encourages employers to hire sports athletes. Leadership, initiative taking and commitment to achieving elevated goals are some of the solid attributes that former athletes bring to top employers. Building your company for tomorrow means finding great employees today. Professional and student athletes make great employees because it takes an extremely talented individual to manage life both on the playing field and home front.  Helping athletes means learning how to play and win the long game in business. Read More.

Resume Building

VK Staffing Solutions takes pride in giving your potential employees the best possible opportunity to showcase their skills and experiences.

If you would like your resume professionally developed, please call our office or email us at resumes@vkss.co  We have experienced staff ready to help you get your resume out there in the marketplace! Read More.